Wisdom Teeth Removal Optimize Whole Body Health

Wisdom Teeth Removal: Optimize Whole Body Health

Having wisdom teeth come in is a natural part of human maturity and by the teenage years, most people will have wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, growing into the back of their mouths. What’s not natural is the amount of trouble that can be caused by wisdom teeth.

Wisdom teeth also arrive long after other teeth have grown in during childhood years. The entrance of new teeth amongst already established teeth can often cause crowding of existing teeth and even unwanted tooth movement. Wisdom teeth may even start to grow in sideways, causing pain and affecting the roots of other teeth. As a result, tooth alignment may shift and start to change the arrangement of other teeth, affecting one’s appearance. Once third molars are in, they in can also increase the risk of oral infections, damage to tissue and declining oral health. Over time, due to increased pressure on the jawline, patients may experience increased oral and maxillofacial pain, headaches and gum discomfort. Dental infection and pain can affect a patient’s overall oral health and quality of life.


Quite simply, wisdom teeth are often better when they’re gone. And getting them out before they create long-term problems is best to maintain good oral care. Most dental professionals recommend wisdom teeth extraction. Extraction of these molars involves complete removal of all parts of the tooth, including the roots. The procedure can often be performed in the dentist office and recovery usually takes only a few days or up to a week. Wisdom tooth extraction is a common procedure and one that Dr. Lam’s office performs regularly.

Benefits of Extraction

Following the removal of wisdom teeth, patients will initially experience some discomfort following the procedure but then can experience whole body health benefits including reduced oral pain and headaches. Removal of third molars will also reduce the risk of tissue damage and oral infections caused by teeth overcrowding. Don’t wait until wisdom teeth cause pain or potential harm to your smile, contact our office to determine if wisdom tooth extraction is the right next step for you.