Root Canal Treatment in Vancouver

Do you have severe decay, damage or infection? Think you may need a root canal near you? When a cavity is not filled in, the decay can burrow deeper into the tooth. Inside the tooth is a soft tissue called pulp that contains nerves and blood vessels which provides nourishment for the tooth. Besides a cavity, the pulp can become infected if there has been an injury to the tooth, a fracture or crack, or repeated dental procedures that disturb the tissue. Not treating the infection could potentially cause damage to the tooth structure and result in a missing tooth. To schedule an emergency root canal near you in Vancouver, contact us today!

Root Canal Vancouver, BC

Performing a root canal on an affected tooth can prevent an abscess from forming and preserve the original integrity of the tooth, saving it from needing to be extracted. The procedure will also relieve any pain and swelling that occurs as a result of the decay of the tooth.

Procedure for Root Canal in BC

X-rays will need to be taken so that the dentist can get a clear view of the tooth and surrounding bone. The tooth and surrounding area will be numbed to minimize discomfort. The dentist will place a sheet of latex rubber over the tooth to keep it dry and clean, protecting it from viruses and bacteria. A hole will be created in the top of the tooth in order to access the inside of the tooth. The dentist will then remove the pulp from within the tooth and clean and restructure the canal. It will then be filled in with a biocompatible filling material and sealed. The tooth is covered with a temporary covering until a more permanent covering, such as a crown, is prepared for it.

Following the root canal treatment, the tooth and surrounding area may feel sensitive, but this should subside after a few days. The dentist may prescribe antibiotics to prevent infection. With proper care, the treated tooth should last a lifetime.

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