Digital X-Rays in Vancouver

Our intraoral X-rays at Vancouver, BC, also known as radiographs, are pictures of the inside of the body. These pictures are usually used to check for broken bones, but can also be used to spot pneumonia and (in mammograms) to look for breast cancer. Our Dental x-rays in Vancouver provide pictures with a high level of detail to the tooth, bone, and supporting tissues of the mouth. They allow dentists to find cavities, look at the tooth roots, and check the health of the bony area around the mouth. They also help dentists to diagnose periodontal disease and to see the status of developing teeth.

Intraoral X-Rays Vancouver, BC

Intraoral x-rays are the most common type of x-rays taken in dentistry, and at Yu Ming Lam Dental, we utilize digital x-rays, which has several advantages over traditional x-rays.

  • Less radiation – X-rays, in general, are relatively safe and present a low level of radiation, but digital x-rays use up to 90% less radiation.
  • Higher quality images – The standard size of x-rays can be difficult to view, but with digital images, it is easy to enlarge or magnify a specific area for a closer look. Brightness, contrast, and color can also be adjusted, allowing the dentist to detect small cavities better. They can also be printed out if needed.
  • Easier transfer of dental records – If a patient needs to be referred to a specialist, digital files make it easy to transfer the necessary information for immediate review.

Dental Radiographs at Vancouver, BC

The process of taking digital x-rays is very similar to that of traditional x-rays. The patient will be covered with a lead apron and asked to hold a small apparatus in between the teeth. Instead of a plastic apparatus, however, it will be a sensor that captures images of the teeth. These images can then be projected onto a screen for the dentist to view rather than needing to be developed on film.